Personal Trainers

Winnersville Fitness Trainer

Danielle Thurston

  • ISSA Certified
  • CRR Certified Zumba Instructor - All Age Groups
Winnersville Fitness Trainer


Jen specializes in beginner fitness training and is passionate about helping others meet their fitness and health goals.

  • IFTA Certified
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certificate
Winnersville Fitness Trainer


Dez has 7 years of personal training experience and is a former D1/D2 collegiate athlete. He also worked side by side with Jilian Michaels on a show called Sweat inc! that aired on Spike TV!

I believe you have to put 100% into your nutrition plan and 100% in to your exercise.  I've trained from age 5 up to age 90. I enjoy personal development. I always believe in bettering myself in every way possible so I can help others with their fitness and health goals.

Winnersville Fitness Trainer


Terence strives to motivate, educate, and inspire his clients along with providing fun and innovative workout routines.

  • NETA Certified PT
  • CPR 1st Aid/EAD Certified
Winnersville Fitness Trainer


Dustin is a former collegiate baseball player and currently is a nationally qualified classic physique NPC competitor.

Joe Saldana, NASM-CPT 

  • VLPRA Soccer Training Coach
  • Spartan Race Finisher
  • B.S. Kinesiology, U.T. San Antonio